Note for Questioners:
1) We do not reply to questions related to organizations, companies and institutes whose names have been mentioned in the question.
2) We do not reply to lengthy messages containing many questions due a heavy load of tasks.
3) We do not reply to suppositional and purely scientific issues – ones that are not dealt with by people in their daily lives – or questions that deal with the explanation of the terms used in the manual of Islamic laws.
4) In matters of dispute between two individuals, it is necessary to know the opinion and arguments of both sides; to hear the view of one of them is not sufficient.
5) Questions on Awqaf (endowments) and Wasiyah (Will) related issues must be sent with existing related documents which must be enclosed or attached with the mail.
6) We do not reply to sensitive questions as there is no expediency in answering them.
7) We do not reply to questions about individuals or people whose names are mentioned save the questioner’s name.
8) We receive emails from all over the world everyday. Please understand we are inundated with emails. Every email is read and we try to answer as many emails as we can. It will just take time for us to answer.

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