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Salam. I would like to know about usury. for example if a Muslim has a loan company and he lends a value of 100 and charges 300 in installments would the usury be if he adds extra amounts for days late?
If extra amount is charged for days late, it is considered be Usury and haram.
Question : Assalamun Alaikum Wa Rehmatullah,\nI want to name my newborn girl child as "MAWARA". But I am doubtful about the name meaning and its effect. As it is highly recommended in Islam to name one\'s child with a beautiful and meaningful name, I request you to kindly let me know if:\n1. It is proper and apt to name a child as "MAWARA".\n2.Does it have positive meaning\'%s\' \n3. What is the epistemological and popular meaning of the word "MAWARA"\'%s\'
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