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Salam. I would like to know about usury. for example if a Muslim has a loan company and he lends a value of 100 and charges 300 in installments would the usury be if he adds extra amounts for days late?
If extra amount is charged for days late, it is considered be Usury and haram.
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Question : Slms,\nmy dear friend is very very pious, he had 2-beautiful wives, as he is \nfunna fil deen so hate with this worldly life, I give witness of his clean life, I am sure he is very strong never go for Zina-Liquor-Gambling, he does much riaa\'zet, his age is 49, nowadays he started to watch nude movies for getting result to perform intercourse with\nhis wives and take interest in worldly affairs..... to watch counist nation free nude movies on laptop is permissible\'%s\'\'%s\'\'%s\' being cure.\nWhen I asked he said, He has strongly believes he can not go in sinful life..Please give fatwa\'%s\'\'%s\'\nWas-salam
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