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Salam. I would like to know about usury. for example if a Muslim has a loan company and he lends a value of 100 and charges 300 in installments would the usury be if he adds extra amounts for days late?
If extra amount is charged for days late, it is considered be Usury and haram.
Question : Assalam Alaikum,\nYA Ali Maded,\n\ni am contacting you with the referance of my 1 friend, and i am interested in her for marriage, and she tell me following details, please advice me .\n\nGirl full name: Anam Riaz. Mother name: Nighat Zaidi\n\nHusband: Syed Murtaza Hussain\nHis(Boy) mother: Syeda Zia Fatima\n\nShe got married in June 2012. It was arrange marriage. \nthey had some relationship issues , and most of time they argue that boy do that marriage because of parents forcibly and he has no interest in her. \n\ntheir physical relations were also very minimal and almost never. He didn\'t want to make any plans nor make any family. He never supported her financially. \nI don\'t know whether he had a medical problem or he was interested somewhere. \n\nAug 2, 2014 they got separated because she argued on something and he send her at her parents home..\nHe send me Canadian divorce papers in Aug 2015 but no Islamic divorce yet.\nPlease tell me if any chance for reconciliation or he should give her Islamic divorce\'%s\'\n\n\nNeed your help in this matter as soon as possible.
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