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Salam. I would like to know about usury. for example if a Muslim has a loan company and he lends a value of 100 and charges 300 in installments would the usury be if he adds extra amounts for days late?
If extra amount is charged for days late, it is considered be Usury and haram.
I need your help
Question : Asalam Alaikum,\n\nI need your help ayotallah, i want to tell you what happened with me in past few years. In 2004 jinn shabbir of mir momin deira took control of me and misused me very badly by forcing me and my mind to break imam zainul abideen alam coins which were of miracles as it is known i broke 2 pieces and pissed on one piece in imam zainul abideen toilet and put it back in the alam after washing it with toilet water, as i was totally control of jinn shabbir, jinn shabbir used to put my mind in jail and show me visions and speak from inside my body i didnt know he was with me until i became jewish converted from shia religion to jewish religion as whenever i use to take name of allah his powers use to increase as he is shia jinn and after i became jewish i started hearing his voice clearly and he told me one day i use to complete all your wishes, he even controlled me before doing piss and took me for hajj and i used to write book with blood saying i love allah and write holy book quran with my blood and when i went to hajj i recited surah al baqarah written with my blood in front of kaba by crying as i didnt know what is happening to me and jinn shabbir made me dream and use to put me in dream by taking out all my blood by writing books of blood saying i love ahlulbait and i love allah and i love mohd and i love others. I was even controlled by jinn shabbir that one day he took me to toilet with polythin bag and forced me to shit and put some shit in polythin bag and take bud and put in imam zainul abideen alam dragon mouth but now i came to know everything about jinn shabbir and he has come in reality and lives besides my home to kill me by saying i have sinned as he fools everyone by saying i pissed and shit and win from me by shouting from inside my body and beating in my head. He drives auto rickshaw in hyderabad, india and this has happened in hyderabad, india he even took me to maula ali ka pahad of hyderabad, india with small blade like sword and scratch on maula ali finger prints so i dont die and other jinns fears. First when i came back from abudhabi,uae journey he took me to maula ali ka pahad and forced me raise my hands in sky and wish whenever i die all shia dies and i heard my wish has been accepted and he is controlling me since i am child as i cannot see sometimes since child from mind where i am because he is putting me to dream while i am alive like my mind in jail and not letting me feel where i am and what i am doing.\n\nI need your help please help me ayotallah and finish all shia jinns that are hurting me and making my life miserable and other life miserable by misusing knowledge of imam ali and ahlulbait. Now that i have become jewish i am understanding what happened with me and what i was forced to do by jinn shabbir control in my mind and body. I went to imam zainul abideen alam (sartaukh ka alawa) and the place where i did pissed and put shit put sweets and ate it and drank water and before doing anything i prayed to imam zainul abideen and allah that help me i am not in control by doing sajda as i remembered it.\n\nI am waiting for your help please send your jinns to kill jinn shabbir and all other shia jinns who are hurting me and trying to make me mad and make other people life miserable as he is jinn he knows how to win from humans like me by playing games.\n\nI came to know everything now after i am converted to jewish religion because i am praying now by reading torah printed. \n\nSyed Ahmed Ali Khan.
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