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Salam. I would like to know about usury. for example if a Muslim has a loan company and he lends a value of 100 and charges 300 in installments would the usury be if he adds extra amounts for days late?
If extra amount is charged for days late, it is considered be Usury and haram.
Question : Salam alykum,\nIt has been years over years i am unable to conclude the exact path of being with Allah(az) constantly .\nFirstly,I use to repeat God\'s name continuously but it was difficult for me to pace up with surroundings. If I had to go at point A I reach to point B without considering what\'s going on around me as I was deep into remembrance.\nAfter going thru some books on Zikr (Remembrance) of God,I concluded that even working and coping up with surrounding materialistic world for Allah(az) is also a remembrance.\nSo I started coping up with surroundings and Alhamdulillah i saw fruits in spiritual as well as materialistic dimensions.\nBut the problem which now I am experiencing is -- -- Any person is not continuously at any task so in between what should I do and how\'%s\'.\nSuppose I got a little break from my work then in that break what should I do,if I repeat names of God again i go deep into such remembrance forgetting what\'s going around(and this makes loss to me) .In that breaks how to be with God\'%s\'\n\nPlease correct me and recommend me the proper path to move upon.\nMay Allah(az) makes us such a slave as what he wants us to be.
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Question : Assalam,\nWhy has God created other creatures especially humans , while the purpose of creation got completed by creating perfect lights of prophet and his household\'%s\'\n\nMay god bring us closer to himself.
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