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Salam. I would like to know about usury. for example if a Muslim has a loan company and he lends a value of 100 and charges 300 in installments would the usury be if he adds extra amounts for days late?
If extra amount is charged for days late, it is considered be Usury and haram.
Question : asalamualikum.May Allah shower his mercy upon his eminence and his helpers.please i have a specfic request for his eminence that he pray for me regarding my problem.please request his eminence that he pray that my nikkah with syeda umelaila is held this month before the advent of muharaam,please pray that i get married to syeda umelaila as soon as possible and all the problems which are delaying our nikkah and marriage go away and that both our parents HAPPILY agree to our nikkah this month.please pray as much as you can for my marriage with syed umelaila and that no calamity befalls us.may Allah give you the reward for this.jazakallah
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